August, 1939

ANNA GOSŁAWSKA- LIPIŃSKA better known as Ha-Ga, was born 22 October 1915 in Moscow and died 14 April 1975 in Warsaw. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw with prof. T. Kotarbinski. In 1937 married Eryk Lipinski, one of the co-founders of the left-wing satirical magazine Szpilki. Made her debut as caricaturist in Szpilki in 1936 and continued contributing to that magazine for the next 40 years. Her drawings had an immediately recognizable style, big, round eyes and a simplified, stylized stroke. Friends were joking, that she was constantly drawing herself. The conversations of her "puppets", as she liked to call her characters, were usually dealing with everyday problems of living, relationship, fashion and sometimes politics.

Ha-Ga was also well known for her childrens' books illustrations and contributed regularly for many years to the childrens' magazine Swierszczyk. She also designed posters but is better known for her cartoons and illustrations.

Her works were published in many countries and she was awarded prizes at various international competitions.

It is a very rare opportunity to see such a big selection of Ha-Ga's work. The present exhibition at the Museum of Caricature, presented by the director Wojciech Chmurzynski and curated by Grazyna Godziejewska, was designed and prepared by Ha-Ga's daughter Zuzanna Lipinska and the artist Anna Niesterowicz.